The Green Coin coin was conceived in 2013 and first presented in 2014 in its physical form by the CEO of Euro Energy S / A Manoel Santiago VII. Since then, in 2018, it was patented and there was a need to modernize the currency where the possibility of tokenization in the Ethereum platform (token ERC20) arose. The digital currency was commercially named Green Coin and technically Green Energy Coin – GREC with a supply of 25,000,000 units. Of this supply, 80% will be destined for commercialization, 5% for executive staff, 5% for technical staff and subordinates and 10% to compose company funds.
Founder / CEO

Manoel Carlos Santiago: Known as Manoel Santiago VII is a visionary current CEO CEO of Euro Energy S / A – and Bmers Planet – – First World Renewable / Sustainable Energy Exchange worldwide. Today Manoel runs 5 companies in the areas of securities and metal brokerage, air taxi, renewable / sustainable energy and internet. Companies today are valued at more than $ 1 billion. He is the creator and holder of renowned trademarks and patents on the market, among which some stand out: Euro Import, Euro Energy, Bmers Planet, Euro Shop TV, Real Air, Billionare Magazine.

The big difference of the Green Coin digital currency is that it will be backed by the following green indicators:

Green Bonds Issuance;
National and International Certificate of Carbon Credit Redemption Compensation Study (CCR);
Reduced Emission Certificates (CERs).
In addition, its index of variation and appreciation will be linked to BMERS PLANET – World Sustainable Renewable Energy and New Technologies Exchange These features aim for greater transparency and security for investors, adding greater credibility to Green Coin.